Database Configuration

Database Host:

Database Port:

Database Username:

Database Password:

Database Name:

Application Settings

Application Name:

Application Protocol:

Application URL (path to shorty; do not include http:// or trailing slash):

Advanced Analytics:

Shortening Permissions:

Public Interface:

404s and Disabled Short Links:

Redirect URL:

If a redirect is enabled, you will need to go to before you can access the index page.

Default URL Ending Type:

URL Ending Base:

Admin Account Settings

Admin Username:

Admin Email:

Admin Password:

SMTP Settings

SMTP Server:

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SMTP Username:

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SMTP From:

SMTP From Name:

API Settings

Anonymous API:

Anonymous API Quota:

Automatic API Assignment:

Other Settings


Restrict Registration Email Domains:

Permitted Email Domains:

Password Recovery:

Please ensure SMTP is properly set up before enabling password recovery.

Require reCAPTCHA for Registrations

reCAPTCHA Configuration:

reCAPTCHA Site Key

reCAPTCHA Secret Key

You can obtain reCAPTCHA keys from Google's reCAPTCHA website.

Theme (screenshots):